France is the country of good fashion


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Should we say like this: You should take a trendy drees with you while traveling to France, because it's the country of good fashion. Tnanks
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    I understand what you mean, but on an everyday basis, I would probably say, "because it's a country where people dress well."


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    I think "...because the French are fashionable people" would also work. Right, Copyright?
    This does not work for me.

    "Fashionable" - that which is the present trend -> "It is fashionable to have an iPhone 6.", so "The French are a fashionable people." Would mean, "The trend is to like the French."

    Only "The French are very fashion-conscious." works.


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    "Fashionable" - that which is the present trend
    That's only one meaning of the word, isn't it? Someone who gives importance to fashion can also be called "fashionable".
    From the WR dictionary: observant of or conforming to the fashion.


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    Yes, Barque, you are right. According to Oxford Dictionaries:

    fashionable: (Of a person) dressing or behaving according to the current trend: they risked being scoffed at by their more fashionable friends

    Thanks a lot, everybody.
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