franchir un palier

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  1. BoyInLyon Senior Member

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    Si un jeune espoir de foot par exemple est en train de 'franchir un palier' cette saison, qu'est-ce que ca veut dire?

    'To cross new boundaries' ??

    Merci b. BiL.
  2. Jean-Michel Carrère Senior Member

    French from France
    I don't know what the equivalent phrase in English is, but, just to give you an idea, this means he has moved up to a higher level. For instance, last year, he was just a promising young player, this season he has become one of the leaders of the team.
  3. Deb Worton Senior Member

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    You might use something like 'make a breakthrough'
    Does that work?
  4. BoyInLyon Senior Member

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    Merci a vous deux, ca m'aide tellement...
  5. oeil19 New Member

    You can also say : to take the game to the next level
  6. Omelette

    Omelette Senior Member

    UK English
    Or perhaps more usually 'to take one's game to another level'
  7. leebenseng Senior Member

    Taiwan, Chinese
    Maybe: "moved up a notch"?

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