fraudulently acquired in a sale


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This is from <Incurable Romantic> by Frank Tallis.

He(de Clérambault) shot himself with his revolver. He had left a suicide note.
In the underlined sentence, he revealed his secret.
Does it mean that he acquired the painting that he wanted to bequeath to the Louvre in a fraudulently cheap price, or he acquired it by decieving the other owner?

He had composed a suicide note in which he endeavoured to explain his behaviour. It had been suggested that
a painting he wished to bequeath to the Louvre had been fraudulently acquired in a sale.
He had been dishonoured
and an episode of melancholia followed.
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    It isn't clear exactly what form the fraud took. It could be one of the ideas you suggest, or he might have bribed the auctioneers or any other scenario whereby it could be said the sale was fraudulent. We just don't know.
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