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Mode, a fashion magazine, is in crisis. So, Wilhamina, creative director, comes up with an idea to go green in order to save. She offer to start using rice paper and soy ink.

Alexis, one of the co-editor: "I've heard that stuff tends to rub off. This is crazy we're ruining the magazine and it's all my fault."
Daniel: "No, It's my fault."
Wilhamina: "No, no stop blaming yourselves it's both your fault but fortunately I'm here to help, now how do you feel about free detergent samples?"

I'm a bit confused by this "free detergent samples?" She means that since the soy inc rubs off which means, I suppose, leaves marks on whatever it touches, let's add to every issue of the magazine free sample of detergent, right?:confused:

Thank you!
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    I imagine you are right, amateurr. Magazines do sometimes include free samples of various things, which both act as an advertisement for the product and may entice people to buy the magazine. Now, she may mean that giving away free samples might be an alternative way of promoting the magazine (instead of the green paper and ink), but I am fairly certain it is a joke, in the sense that you have already understood, that they continue with the "green" policy, but add detergent to help combat its effects. It's certainly a comic idea which, if not hilarious, is quite amusing.
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