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I'm editing a French translation for a beauty/bath brochure. In the men's section, there a phrase that says: "They are light in texture and free of heavy fragrance." This is in reference to all their male products, shaving cream, bath gels, etc. The translator wrote: "Leur texture est legere et peu parfumee". The client is unhappy with the second part of the translation and wants something closer to the English version. Would "et sans trop de parfum" or "et sans parfum trop fort" work in this case? Was unsure of which adjective to use for "heavy" in reference to fragrance.

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    Saying in French that something is "free of heavy fragrance" definitely doesn't induce the kind of mental images your client is looking for ;-) And on top of it, it would be a negative statement. Strange marketing approach.

    So I rather agree with the translator. We would say something like "Leur texture est aérée et leur parfum subtil" (léger would do as well).


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    Salut chickpea,

    What pops to my mind is the word « capiteux » fort a heavy fragrance.
    But as it's a fragrance for men, I love the way Broff and archijacq have turn the sentence in a positive way for men (naturel/discrète) . :)
    (I guess we need Geve's suggestion for this one! :D )
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