Free will, fate, destiny

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  1. jana.bo99

    jana.bo99 Senior Member

    Cro, Slo

    Free will: Svobodna volja!

    Fate, destiny: Usoda!


    Free will: Slobodna volja!

    Fate, destiny: Sudbina!

    Here are fate and destiny, the same.
  2. Locoidiomas Member

    Perú (Spanish)
    Libre albedrío, sino, destino.
  3. robbie_SWE

    robbie_SWE Senior Member

    Trilingual: Swedish, Romanian & English
    In Romanian:

    Free will = liber-arbitru or libertatea de voinţă

    Fate, destiny = soartă / destin (there are many more e.g. predestinare, fatum, ursită etc.)

    :) robbie
  4. Chazzwozzer

    Chazzwozzer Senior Member

    free will: hür irade
    fate, destiny: kader
  5. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)

    free will: livre arbítrio, livre vontade*
    fate/destiny: destino**

    * Depending on the context. Livre arbítrio is found in philosophical and theological language; livre vontade is more coloquial, and usually combined with more words, e.g. de sua livre vontade (of his own free will).
    ** The words sina and fado are also used, but mostly in literary settings. I think the latter is a cognate of "fate". Sorte can also be used for "fate", though rarely.
  6. kittykate

    kittykate Senior Member

    Pavia, Italy
    Italy - Italian

    Free will = Libero arbitrio*
    Fate = Fato
    Destiny = Destino

    * The same difference as in Portuguese applies here. Libero arbitrio refers to man's freedom to choose good over evil from a religious viewpoint, while free will in sentences like He did that of his own free will would be rendered as di sua spontanea volontà.

  7. francois_auffret Banned

    Lahore, Pakistan
    France, French

    Free will: Libre arbitre

    Fate: Sort, Fortune

    Destiny: Destinée, Destin
  8. francois_auffret Banned

    Lahore, Pakistan
    France, French

    Free will: Marzi, Ikhtiyâr (?)

    Fate / Destiny : Qadr, Muqaddar, Taqdîr, Nasîb,

    THese are all by the way words of Arabic origin, Marzi beingمرضي
  9. Flaminius

    Flaminius coclea mod

    capita Iaponiae
    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    Free will — 自由意志 (jiyūishi)

    There are several Japanese words for "fate" and "destiny" partially overlapping with each other and the English words and partially implying different nuances. So here they are;
    定め (sadame), 運命 (ummē), 宿命 (shukumē), 宿業 (shukugō), 命運 (mēun).
  10. Nizo Senior Member

    Esperanto: libera volo, fatalo, destino.
  11. Maja

    Maja Senior Member

    Binghamton, NY
    Serbian, Serbia
    In Serbian:

    free will - slobodna volja
    fate / destiny - sudbina.
  12. ThomasK Senior Member

    (near) Kortrijk, Belgium
    Belgium, Dutch
    - de vrije wil
    - het lot (de lotbestemming = the destination of fate > destiny)
  13. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek:

    Free will: «Ελεύθερη βούληση» [e'lefθeri 'vulisi] (both feminine). For the etymology of the fem. adj. «ελεύθερη», please check here.
    «Βούληση» ['vulisi] (fem.) --> will/willing < Classical 3rd declension fem. noun «βούλησις» boúlēsis --> will, desire (PIE *gʷel-, to want, wish).
    Fate: «Μοίρα» ['mira] (fem.) < Classical fem. noun «μοῖρα» moêră --> fate (PIE *smer-, to remember, care). In Ancient Greek existed also the masculine form «μόρος» mórŏs --> violent death.
    Destiny: «Πεπρωμένο» (neut.) < Classical perf. tense neut. participle «πεπρωμένον» pĕprōménŏn of impersonal v. «πέπρωται» péprōtæ --> it is destined (PIE *perh₃-, to provide, offer)
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  14. arielipi Senior Member


    Free will: רצון חופשי ratzon khofshi

    Fate, destiny: גורל goral
  15. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    In Arabic: (like in Turkish and Urdu)

    Free will: حرية الإرادة /ħurriyat al-irada/
    Fate, destiny: قدر /qadar/ , نصيب /naseeb/ , مصير /maseer/
  16. ilocas2 Senior Member


    free will - svobodná vůle
    destiny, fate - osud

    there is also word úděl - life fulfilment, destiny, fate, mission, something which is given ...
  17. sakvaka

    sakvaka Senior Member


    free will = vapaa tahto
    fate, destiny = kohtalo (from 'kohdata' "meet, encounter")
  18. jana.bo99

    jana.bo99 Senior Member

    Cro, Slo
    Free Will is only part of Destiny. Many times we don't have Free Will.

    Destiny is just one, all our Life.
  19. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    Tagalog: 1.) Free will= malayang pagpili/ malayang kapasyahan 2.) Fate= Natakdang kapalaran 3.) Destiny= Kinasadlakan
  20. Holger2014 Senior Member

    - free will - freier Wille
    - fate, destiny - Schicksal
  21. Dymn Senior Member

    Catalan, Catalonia
    - free will - lliure albir
    - fate, destiny - destí, fat (literary)

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