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Is there a word in French, like 'free' in English, which is more socially acceptable than saying 'slutty'?
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    I think "libérée" could work, or also "libre".
    C'est une femme libérée
    elle est très libre.
    [Of course I assume you're talking about women, since men with a very free love life are just womanizers whereas women with a very free love life are slutty... :rolleyes: :mad::mad::mad:]


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    français (France)
    "Libertine" has different implications. In the 18th century, "un libertin" (a libertine or a rake such as Lovelace in Clarissa or Valmont in Les Liaisons Dangereuses) was someone who opposed religion and morals and who usually had a wild sex life as a result.
    If you say of a woman, nowadays, she's "une libertine" you mean she likes sex and has a fancy sex life whereas if you say she's "libre" ou "libérée" you rather mean that she does'nt believe in old-fashioned morals and behaves accordingly. So that's pretty different : you can be "libre/libérée" without being "libertine".;)
    "Je-je suis libertine (-> I'm a libertine)
    je suis une catin
    " (-> I'm a harlot)
    Mylène Farmer used to sing...
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