freeing up acute hospital beds


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PPP to build 1,000 rehabilitation beds and 1,000 Long term care beds across the Kingdom by 2020 .
This initiative will focus on increasing extended care capacity, freeing up acute hospital beds which are being occupied by the long-term care patients, and increasing the number of rehabilitation beds from 0.77 per 100,000 population to global benchmark level of 10 per 100,000
What is meant please by "freeing up acute hospital beds"?

They are talking here about a project aiming at enhancing health care sector in Saudi Arabia

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    to free up -> to enable something to be vacated (become free/unoccupied) so as to be able to be used for its purpose.
    acute -> suddenly occurring; requiring urgent attention/need. - Here, used to mean for the use of those who are in urgent need (of treatment)
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