Freeze/seize a bank account

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    If the authorities block your bank account so you yourself cannot withdraw any money from it, yet those who you owe money to (creditors, child support to your ex-wife, etc.) are made payments from that account, is your bank account seized or frozen? Or something else? What would be the best word?
  2. George French Senior Member

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    Seized. There are probably some legal terms as well...


    Frozen is where the account holder can (temporarily) not use the account.
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    Thank you very much, George French!
  4. PaulQ

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    The authorities have seized control of the account.

    They cannot seize the account, as the account itself, as opposed to the money in it, is worthless.

    If the account is frozen, no payments, in or out, can be made by anyone.
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    "Frozen" would be correct to describe the situation if you were talking about accounts/authorities in England. When accounts are subject to English freezing orders, money can be paid in and certain payments can still be made out (to creditors, revenue, basic living costs etc.) but the 'owner' of the account is not free to use the cash as he pleases. So 'frozen' would be understood in England to mean the situation you describe.

    "Seized" would imply that the authorities actually took/confiscated the funds.

    "Seized control" would also work as PaulQ suggests or in fact just saying the account has been "blocked" would be understood by an English speaker.
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    Thank you all for your help!

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