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I have found "geler" and "se figer" as a translation for "freeze," but I want to emphasize freezing SOLID. A lot of the examples given in Wordreference and CNTRL for these verbs lean toward the figurative, e.g. "mon sang se fige".

To translate "it was so cold last winter that the water in the horses' buckets kept freezing solid," could I say "l’eau … continuait de geler / continuait de se figer," and be sure that the meaning is frozen solid, not just icy, or iced over?

Thank you in advance.
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    I see what you mean... You're afraid that saying something like "l'eau était constamment gelée" might be mistaken as the water being freezing cold (vs. frozen solid).

    I don't think that's an issue, but you may always use "geler" as an intransitive verb. E.g. l'eau gelait constamment/l'eau n'arrêtait pas de geler.

    "figer" is not an option here.


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    Il y a l'expression "geler à cœur". Par contre on ne peut l'utiliser avec eau comme sujet, il faudrait dire "les seaux des chevaux gelaient à cœur tous les jours"


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    L'expression qui me vient spontanément est : il gelait à pierre fendre mais je ne sais pas si on peut l'utiliser dans le cas des seaux d'eau.
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