fregar la vida


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Hi, I am having difficulty translating the phrase "fregar la vida." There really isn't a helpful context for it. It's coming from something kind of messy.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank-you! :)
  • jorge_val_ribera

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    Context would be really helpful... Anyway, I would say it means something like "makes my life miserable", but depending on context it can also mean something softer, like "annoys the hell out of me".

    Mi jefe me friega la vida.
    My boss annoys the hell out of me.


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    Español(de España)
    In Iberian Spanish the phrase is incomprehensible. We just can't link 'fregar' with 'vida'.


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    Spanish - Colombia
    It's a common expression in Colombia. It's very colloquial but not vulgar. It means to cause distress, to mortify someone.


    American English
    It means something different in Mexico, and it means nothing in Spain. That's why we need subtle182 to tell us where he heard/saw it, who said/wrote it, and in what situation.