fremme neppe venette

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  1. oliviaF Senior Member

    Leí esto en la letra de la canción "Work it" de Missy Elliot, supongo que es slang y además abreviado, ¿alguien sabe qué significa?

    Gracias y un saludo
  2. Fer Drow New Member

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    'yo what up fans, i'm bringing you a missy eliot exclusive live and direct y'all, i got this new phrase 'fremme neppe venette' which y'all probably misinterpret this message as becuz we mixed it backwards, but yo i aint trying to phase yall cuz i love my fans and without the fans yall i wouldn't be up where i am or done did the albums i've done yall, so anyway, this new phrase 'fremme neppe venette' some o yall be spelling it wrong or making up some false meanings and all, but let me tell you suaaat, it ain't what it means thats important yall, it's about the energy... the energy that it projects you know, i been done did all these albums and i didnt want the fans to think miss e falling off yall, all yall hatas out there, 'fremme neppa venette' is basically, what you make of it, you know, i done did so many interviews where they be asking me this shit, yo i was up in a BMW showroom, checking some dope wheels and they be asking me 'missy what's fremme neppe venette?' and i be like tripping cuz i just wanna buy a car yall!!! so, you know, to all the hatas out there who be trying this ironical shit, bitin' my new words, i don't want no one trying to play offa this shit y'all, is my words and it means alot to me. i love you all.'

    official statement from Missy found on
  3. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    No es slang ni abreviado. Por lo que veo en internet (y ahora que leo lo que ha escrito Fer Drow), no es más que la linea previa al revés, aunque no la parece en la versión escrita. La linea previa dice algo como "flip it and reverse it", que es precisamente lo que hace esta linea que causa tanta confusión.
  4. oliviaF Senior Member

    Gracias a ambos por la explicación!, ya veo que no soy la única que tenía curiosidad :D , creía que era slang, jamás me hubiese imaginado que estaba al revés...


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