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Hello, I am looking to translate "French language homeschool curriculum." This would be a package of courses (math, language, social sciences, science), in the French language, to be used by a parent who homeschools their child. The word "French" would not refer to curriculum made in France, necessarily, but rather, the language of instruction. My try: Programme en francais de l'école à la maison." Merci!
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    your try isn't so bad ;) .
    "Programme scolaire en français " could be good too.
    "Programme scolaire en français par correspondance" to mention the "homeschool" but I think they're the same program for school and for homeschool...
    "Programme en français pour l'école par correspondance"


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    French (Provence)
    Programme en français pour études suivies à domicile
    just another suggestion
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