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I am a new member to wordreference forums and I would like to be guided as to how to use it.I am currently pursuing a masters degree in the teaching of french as a foreign language and would like some assistance in getting information on french linguistics in English.Can someone help?
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    Hi coops and welcome.

    I think that you need the French-English forum rather than English only for such a query so I am going to move your thread there.

    However, you will need to add some specific questions about what you need to know and I'm sure people will do their best to help.

    In the meantime please take the time to check through the forum rules which are held in a sticky at the top of each forum. In particular thread titles must be relevant and queries specific, thanks. I have changed the title for you this time round as an example.


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    Reading the forum rules can keep us out of trouble and help us be more effficient, but there is more in it for us if we get to know the resources there
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