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Discussion in 'Cultural Discussions' started by BlueWolf, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. BlueWolf

    BlueWolf Senior Member

    Hello all.

    Ok, I controled if there was already a discussion like this, and in the first 18 pages there wasn't. :)

    I wanted to know by who has a good knowledge of all French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, which you found easiest and which hardest to learn, and other comments about the strong points, sound, similarities and differences among these four Romance languages.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Brian P

    Brian P Senior Member

    Firstly, BlueWolf, allow me to correct you message. It should have been;

    OK, I checked to see if there had already been a discussion on this topic but in the first 18 pages there were none.

    I wanted to know from those who have good knowledge of all four languages, French .... the rest was correct.

    I have studied extensively the first three and dabbled in Portuguese. From the standpoint of pronunciation and grammar, Italian is easiest. Also the beauty of the language makes it a pleasure to learn and read.
  3. claudine2006

    claudine2006 Senior Member

    Andalucía Spain
    Italy Italian
    I speak Italian and Spanish and I've studied a little French and Portuguese.
    I think French is the more difficult, Portuguese makes me confuse (too similar to Spanish and Italian).

    Brian, I've always thought that Italian was more difficult than Spanish, for example, especially at the beginning, because when you don't know a word you cannot be sure about its pronunciation (Spanish has got written accents, Italian only in the dictionary!). But it's only my opinion.

    Check my mistakes, please...
  4. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    You mean you scanned through eighteen pages of threads? By hand? :eek: At this moment, the forum generally has a Search tool that can be very helpful in cases like this....

    Cheers. :)
  5. Kräuter_Fee

    Kräuter_Fee Senior Member

    Portuguese&Spanish (native)/ (English&German - foreign)
    I speak Spanish and Portuguese, both are my native languages.

    Their similarity is sometimes a disadvantage. It's extremely hard to be able to speak both of them without making mistakes. When I moved to Spain I was 10, I was bilingual, but I used many Portuguese words when I spoke Spanish. Now that I'm 20, my Spanish is better than my Portuguese, sometimes I don't remember the word in Portuguese or I just mix both languages. I am sure that if I went back to Portugal in 3 months I'd be making mistakes in Spanish and my Portuguese would be perfect...

    I think Portuguese is more complicated than Spanish: the pronunciation and the spelling are more complicated.

    As for French and Italian, I've learnt some French but not enough as to judge how difficult or hard this language is... and I don't know any Italian.
  6. BlueWolf

    BlueWolf Senior Member

    Good to know, I have to take a look next time. :D

    Tell me if I wrong, I think the easiest to learn for, example, an English speaker is French, isn't it? It always shows the subject, unusual for a Romance language.
    Italian, on the other hand, makes plural forms changing the final vowels instead of adding -s, has more articles and uses strange construction with ci/ne.
    Portoguese has sooooo difficult sounds and tenses that the other Romance languages don't use anymore.

    About similarities and differences, Italian aways seemed an intruder to me, because it's the only one between the four that has still the old neuter gender (uovo-->uova), changed its words to make all them end with vowel, deleted almost all the h's and uses the verb "to be" for constructions like "there is", "there are" (while the other three use the verb avoir/haber/haver).
    French is strange for its accent on the last syllable and for its pronunciation (it always "forgets" the end of the word :D).
    Portuguese's pronunciation is very hard and different, and it makes this language not very intelligible with Spanish and Italian, while it is more in the written form.

    About how they sound, I can say about
    French that it sounds very sweet and nice;
    Spanish that it always sounds so warm;
    Portuguese that with its nasal sounds it's very funny to hear. :D

  7. MonsieurAquilone Senior Member

    NZ - English
    I think I could say that I am mastering French at the moment. French is one of the most beautiful sounding languages.
    I am in beginning stages of Italian but am aiming at fluency (and will achieve it). Italian is also one of the most beautiful sounding languages.
    I am at an upper-intermediate level of Spanish, and am also aiming for fluency in it. Spanish is curious language for me with regards to how it sounds.
    I have not learnt Portuguese but may give it a go. From Spanish I can understand some Portuguese and I often feel that it sounds like disjointed (no offense) Spanish.
  8. MarX Banned

    Indonesian, Indonesia
    Many people don't understand this, but I honestly think French is easier than Spanish.
    Portuguese is quite complicated, and as for Italian, I don't know that much about it but it seems to me that it's still easier than Spanish.
  9. Chaska Ñawi

    Chaska Ñawi modus borealis

    an old Ontario farmhouse
    Canadian English
    This is quite an old thread, and no longer within the scope of the forum. It has therefore been closed.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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