French verb 'chourer', origins

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  1. Beachxhair

    Beachxhair Senior Member

    Manchester UK
    I've just come across the verb 'chourer', slang for 'voler', and I was wondering what its etymological origins were.

    Thanks :)
  2. CapnPrep Senior Member

    According to the Petit Robert, it is a truncated form of chouraver, from Romani tchorav, which apparently (source) means "je vole". Or maybe chourer comes directly from the root tchor-.
  3. francisgranada Senior Member

    For curiosity, a similar slang word of Romani origin exists also in Hungarian: csórni (-ni infitive ending) "to steal".
    (cs is pronounced as the ch in Engl. check)
  4. jmx

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    Spain / Spanish
    The Spanish equivalent is "chorrar", to steal. I've found 2 variants in the net: "chorar", "chorear". I'm always amazed by the large number of words of Romani origin used in Spain.

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