French word "Cahier de charge"

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Dear all,

the English expression for the French "cahier de charge" is normally "specifications" or "requirements". I have just read a technical description of a new machine to be launched and although it is an English text, the French word "cahier de charge" is used instead of "specifications".
I am now curious to know whether it is normal (or becoming normal) to
use this French expression in the English language.
What do you think?
Thanks a lot and best regards,
  • cuchuflete

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    Greetings Bombus,
    I've never seen the French term used in English. Specifications or "specs" and requirements are the normal terms in English. Was the author writing for a French speaking readership?


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    USA English
    I have never seen the expression used in English-language documents in the U.S.

    Nor do I recall seeing it during the year and a half I worked in the U.K. as a telecommunications manager.

    I suspect its use is an affectation by the writer.
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