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I want to describe users' online activity on a website. After a user logs in, he can visit different parts of the site. Some places are visited more often than others. Can I use "frequent places" to describe them? The complete sentence is "
What is Data Mining It is impossible to check every individual registered user’s frequent places". Is this good English? Thank you.
  • Harry Batt

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    Frequent as frequented is an excellent choice of words. It is in the English language that I grew up with. Every drunk in town was known to frequent a certain menu of taverns and pool halls. I only hear the verb used in French today.


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    Hello,Frequently visited pages is another term you may use. Similiarly:FAQ (frequently asked questions) is also a very popular term commonly used in internet.Regards.


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    In addition, you do not need the word "individual" in your sentence; it is redundant. "Every registered user" already implies that you are talking about individuals.

    If I were to say "every soldier received a medal," it would mean that each individual soldier received a medal.
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