frequentazione di luoghi di incontro


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I'm translating a study focused on young people and their leisure activities.
One of the statistical measures taken into account is:

- frequentazione di luoghi di incontro da parte dei giovani/nessuna frequentazione di luoghi di incontro

Is it correct to translate it as follows?

- young people's attendance of meeting places/non-attendance of meeting places.

Any better option?
Thanks for any help.
  • Lazzini

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    I think I might translate as:

    - attendance/absence of young people at meeting places

    However... one or two doubts. I'm not sure about meeting places - it's a literal translation, but it may not be right. What does the Italian phrase mean here? And presence may be better than attendance, depending on the preceding text.


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    "Hang-outs" would be an appropriate word for "luoghi d'incontro" if it weren't so colloquial. ;)
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