Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior.

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    Hello...Can anybody help me. I need to know which is the difference between the next sentences. And if they mean the same. Or if one sentence is just for students who don´t go to the university and the other ones are for the people who go to the university.

    High School Freshman
    High School sophomore
    High School junior
    High School Senior

    The same for
    College Freshman
    College sophomore


    << One topic at a time please.>>

    Can these sentences be used for people who are still in school and the university too?
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    1. You have not offered any sentences - a sentence requires a subject and a verb.
    2. None of the terms should be capitalized. they are not proper nouns.
    3. Freshmen and sophomores can be called college freshmen and college sophomores regardless of whether the formal name of the educational institution involved is university, college or junior college.
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    Freshman, sophomore,junior and senior seem only to be used in USA.
    In Australia we give the year of education. Eg "He was in his second year at university and she was in third year highschool"
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    Thanks to everybody and specially you Steemed Loob you are so KINDA Now I got the point.-

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