Fricking broadsword


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I don't understand fricking broadsword

The context:

A girl was accidentally stabbed by her fiance as he fought with a friend with swords
She is talking in the hospital with the two and says:

- On Monday, I'm gonna have to tell my kindergarten class, who I teach not to run with scissors, that my fiancé ran me through with a fricking broadsword

- El lunes voy a tener que decirle a mi clase de preescolar, quié yo les enseño a no correr con tijeras, que mi novio que me atravesó con una fricking broadsword
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    "Fricking" sustituye a "fucking", sobre el cual hay hilos abundantes. Es un pelín menos vulgar.
    Se suele escribir "frigging". "To frig" también es hacer un coito entre lesbianas.
    "Broadsword" es una espada como la de El Cid.


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    It's hard to get equivalence between weapons developed in different cultures.

    "jodido mandoble" is good for a laugh.