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    God knew how many bottles of Kirin beer with it. The others had done about as well. In their state, fried chunks of bowling pin would probably have tasted okay. And yet he didn’t feel drunk.
    Source: It by Stephen King

    I am not sure how to interpret the bolded expression. They are dining at an Oriental restaurant. What does bowling pin mean? Bowling pin that can be fried and eaten?

    Thank you.
  2. Copyright

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    American English
    Bowling pins are those wooden pins you knock down at the end of the bowling alley with your bowling ball (assuming you can keep the ball out of the gutter).

    It's a joke ... smashing a bowling pin into chunks of wood and then frying the chunks.

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    UK English
    The key words are 'in their state', i.e. they were so drunk that they would not care what they ate. Fried chunks of bowling pin means exactly that.
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    Thank you. Awesome.

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