Friendship and friend, internship and intern......

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Gorgeous Louis

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I want to ask about :

1. What is the difference between friendship and friend, internship and intern?

2. What is the difference between a word with and without "-ship"?

2. Could you give me some examples to let me understand easily?

Thank you so much!
  • cyberpedant

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    English USA, Northeast, NYC
    "-ship" is a suffix meaning "condition of possessing the quality to which the suffix is attached." "Friendship" is the condition of being friends with someone. "Internship" is quite similar.


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    A friend is a person; friendship is an abstract noun meaning the relationship between two friends. Similarly, an intern is a person; an internship is the persiod of work experience in a company. Other examples are member (person)/membership (fact of being a member), owner (person)/ownership (fact of owning something) and so on.
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