Friendship burn

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From TV series <Haters back off>,

Tomorrow night, Emily's gonna have the house to herself, she's excited. Her sister Miranda laughes at her, saying that she can't have a party because she doesn't have any friends.
Then their uncle Jim yells: Friendship burn! Oh! No friends!
He high fived with Miranda.

What does he mean?
Thank you.
  • Myridon

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    From the Online Slang Dictionary on "burn":
    exclamation upon hearing a particularly witty or impressive insult. BURN!
    a witty or otherwise impressive insult, often delivered in front of a group of people. Damn! Nice burn.
    This particular "burn" deals with friendship so Uncle Jim says: Friendship burn! instead of just Burn!
    I can't remember hearing anyone specify the type of burn like this before, but I'm not a teenager. ;)
    Uncle Jim's remark expresses admiration for the way that Miranda insulted the other girl.
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