friendships with like-minded people

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    I'm trying to say, "Truffaut had lifelong friendships with like-minded people"

    I've got "Truffaut avait les amitiés de toute une vie avec les gens des mêmes avis."

    I'm especially unsure about the last bit: "des mêmes avis" seems a bit more specific than "like-minded", which means more generally similar, the same way of thinking, not necessarially exactly the same opinions per se.

    What would you recommend?
  2. Meille Senior Member

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    Like-minded: aux vues similaires, de même mentalité, de même esprit, animés des mêmes idées, homodoxes... :)
  3. carolineR

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    ... les gens qui partageaient sa tournure d'esprit
  4. WikkidX New Member

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    Great, thanks!

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