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Can anyone tell me what the word "frieze" means? I looked in up in the dictionnary but the meaning does not make any sense in this context - "The three of us sit in classical poses, not unlike a frieze." I have never seen this word before =P Thanks so much!

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    The author is using "frieze" where one would have normally said "statue" or, less commonly, "fresco".

    The usage is not incorrect.


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    The WR dictionary at the top of the page has a helpful feature; above the definition of frieze, there is a link to "images", so you can see what it is.

    In this case, the three people in the book look like a classical frieze, such as this one. This frieze only has two people, some friezes have many people. You can look over the images and find more like that, figures carved into stone, and only partially rounded. (The definition itself describes where on a building this kind of carving is often found, but not what it looks like.)
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