frileux et chaleureux


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bonjour à tous
J'aurais une petite question: comment dit-on en anglais "frileux"(une personne qui a facilement froid)[…]
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  • That said:
    "I have cold feet" / "I'm sensitive to cold" = "Je suis frileux"?
    Is there another way of saying it? A more colloquial one? :)
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    Thank you both for the colloquial suggestions. :)

    I’m always using this expression in French/Spanish/Portuguese and couldn’t find an equivalent in English.
    The WR translates “nesh” differently though?

    Is this “to be a chilly mortal” a humorous one or would you really say that very naturally? :rolleyes:

    Thanks again for your help!
    The French expression is new to me but I reckon we'd also say "she /he feels the cold" (as a possible substitute for 'sensitive to the cold') since white_ray asked for something more colloquial.