Hello everyone,

I am looking for the translation of the french "frittage" into english.
Here, "frittage" is an industrial process : you use metal particles agglomerated with a paste and you press it into a mold to obtain a metallic part with a specific form.

Je cherche à traduire "frittage" en anglais.
Ici, "frittage" est un processus industriel : on aglomère des particules de métal avec un genre de pâte et on injecte ce mélange dans un moule, pour avoir une pièce métallique avec une forme spécifique.

Thanks !
  • gardian

    English - Ireland
    The most usual general term in English metallurgy for this process is sintering.

    You speak of adding a paste.
    I've not come across this phrasing in my time in this field -- though the term might well be used by others. The idea of adding some compund/element (e.g. phosphorous for sintering steel powders) which forms a liquid phase below the melting point of the steel is, of course, crucial to liquid phase sintering processes.

    Anyhow, I think that just the word sintering is adequate for your context here.
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