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Term: frog (verb, transitive)

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To unravel knitting or crochet in order to repair a mistake or to reuse the material elsewhere.

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In the knitting world, however, frogs say "rip it, rip it." And that's the reason knitters use the term "frogging" as they merrily unravel their hours worth of knitting. (Techniques with Theresa by Theresa Vinson Stenersen on

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i just realized i had read a lace shawl pattern wrong (it's my first attempt at lace and as usual i just dived rigth in ;o) and i decided to frog it all and start over (sigh) -(comment posted by Lisa Marie on March 10, 2008)
I had to frog a sweater, made from Lorna's Bulky, after it had been worn and washed. It was unbelievably hard to frog after washing. posted by Linda, ibid. August 4, 2009 at 6:53 AM

I also saw several sad, stiff felted pullover sweaters. They were beyond frogging, poor things. (posted by Donna_Duck in a discussion of "Thrift Store Sweater Frogging Guilt" on Saturday, March 16.)

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Yes, I've looked. I found it only in and Wiktionary.
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    This is a funny addition ~ and an interesting one too.

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    Oh, excellent idea. I wonder whether to tink is still too esoteric? It's a similar but more laborious process, pulling unwanted knit stitches out one by one and returning the stitches below onto the needles, in order to avoid losing the earlier work. It's discussed in the same article.
    Etymology: knit spelled backward. (Honest.)