From around the world


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Hi friends!

That's the phrase:from around the world.

Does it mean:

1) from every / all corners of the world
2) from more parts - perhaps many parts - of the world

or what else , precisely?

Just some help!

Thanks a lot in advance!
  • Lighe

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    Lighe, please provide a complete sample sentence and any additional context or background information you can.

    I apologize a lot for:
    not having provided a context or same example and for my late reply (I was busy at work -sorry!).:eek:

    "Here is the last sentence where I found the cited phrase:

    Religious and political leaders from around the world have criticised the ban on building minarets as part of the Swiss referendum held in November."

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Jose Ivan

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    Spanish-Puerto Rico
    In this case that means from many part of the world, it is really difficult to find a case when even "from all around the world" would literally mean from every corner of the world. It is usaully an expression that tries to enphasizes the fact that there are people (or whatever it is) coming from many places around the globe.
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