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Hello everyone,
Can you help me say in Russian: The woman heard a sound from downstairs. ?
If it is relevant, the flat she lives in has two storeys. So downstairs also makes part of her house; it's not just a floor at a lower level where other people live.

My try: С (из?) нижнего этажа слышала женщина голос.

As a side question: Can I somehow use the word внизу instead? Does something like 'отвниза' exist? (I'm just patterning off of отсюда.)

Thanks in advance.
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    Yes, you guessed almost right. The adverb which indicates the direction from down upwards is снизу.

    Женщина услышала голос, доносящийся снизу. - my suggestion.

    By the way, "sound" is not exactly голос, it is звук. I wrote голос, since I assumed that you meant it.
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