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Hello, I know at home (дома), home (домой) but how about from home (maybe из дома?) thanks.
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    "Из дома" or, in some cases, "из дому" (quite rare and usually in a colloquial speech; it is a remnant of the extinct ablative case). Note, please, that the second variant has a specific stress in it: "из дома", but "из дому" ("из дому" is also theoretically possible, but this variant is at least non-standard).

    P.S.: Obviosly, the variant "от дома" is also possible, but it has a totally different meaning and used in cases when you consider a home/a house as some geographical object.
    Мы слишком далеко от дома - We are too far from home.
    Он шёл от одного дома к другому - He was going from one house to another (In Russian, "дом" = both "home" and "house").
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    But in some cases from home has to be translated as дома.

    Do you work from home? - Вы работаете дома?

    Sometimes as не дома.

    three months away from home - три месяца не быть дома
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