from July 24 th to early August


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Hi everybody,
A recruiter asks me when I will be available for an internship and I would like to answer :
I am flexible about the starting date. I can start from (June 24th/24 July/ July 24 ?) to early August.

Which one is correct please?
Thank you for your help.
  • juji

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    I will be available to work from July 24th until the fifteenth of August/until the first half of August/until early August/until the end of the first week of August.


    US (puerto rico) english
    If you were speaking, or writing an email, you could say:

    "I can start anytime between July 24th and the beginning of August."

    If you say 'I am available' then you can use 'from ... until ...'
    If you say 'I can start' then you can use 'between ... and ...'

    Speaking or writing to an employer in the United States, it
    would be most common to refer to the date as 'July 24th'

    If you are speaking or writing in a US military setting, you
    might say '24 July.' Were you to say 'twenty-four, July'
    in a NON-military/aviation setting, you would be perceived as
    coming from a military setting.

    If you say something like "The package will arrive 24 July..."
    the next thing people are going to expect you to say is,
    " O-eight-hundred hours." And they are really going to
    think you just stepped off an aircraft carrier ;)

    If you leave the 'th' off the end of a date, as in 'July 24' it
    is not going to seem 'incorrect' or 'wrong' but it will be
    seen, 80 to 90 percent of the time, as though you 'forgot'
    to put the 'th' on the date.

    You can change the month/day order to day/month if you
    say them like this:

    July twenty-fourth
    The twenty-fourth of July

    Both will sound completely natural and have _exactly_ the
    same meaning. Again, if you switch it around, you just have
    to use 'the ... of ...'

    Speaking and writing dates in any language
    offers you a FANTASTIC opportunity to sound completely UN-natural!
    If you say, 'The July 24' you will sound as though
    you have never spoken english before in your life,
    but the cool thing is, you will still be _totally_ understood!
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