from out of the archives


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Hi everyone
Please tell me what is meant by "from out of the archives" in the following context from "Libra" by Don Delillo:
FYI, a few days ago, Lee Harvey Oswald has approached Carlos, a devoted member of an anti-Castro organization, pretending he's in the same game.
Four days later Lee is on Canal Street wearing his Viva Fidel sign and handing out pro-Castro leaflets. Along comes Carlos with two friends, Lee watches Carlos do a double-take from out of the archives. He approached in an attitude of menace, taking off his glasses.
  • Yes, I've never heard it before. But it could possibly be referring to the archives of a TV show where old copies of the show are stored. Specifically, there were a lot of shows in the '50s and '60s that featured celebrity panelists, including comedians, participating in game show kind of shows. In one, the celebrities had to ask questions of a mystery guest to figure out what their occupation was. They had chances to be entertaining while asking questions and hearing the answers and there were probably many examples of double takes.

    This is speculation, but that might be the reference.