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Hi everyone,

I just come across two sentences in a book and i know they are grammatically write because they are checked and published. However, I would like to know the grammatical term or parts of speech of the “from outside ourselves” in the sentences.
My gratitude for your help in advance!

They are:
Everything we learn comes from outside ourselves.


Our affirmation comes from outside ourselves.

“From” is a preposition which should be followed immediately by a noun.

Outside is either an adverb or preposition.

How can they be connected together?

  • The Newt

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    "Outside ourselves" is functioning as a noun phrase, indicating the place the affirmation comes from. Compare to:

    I pulled it out from under the rug.


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    Two prepositions can come together. This is especially common when the first is 'from'. One preposition names a place - 'outside ourselves', 'under the bed', 'between the trees' - and 'from' shows that motion from that place is meant, not static location at it. The mouse ran from under the bed.