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    My question is how would you translate the expression "With love" to conclude a letter for example? Or in the context of a sentence like "From Russia with love" (like the well-known film) :)
    I made a search on the forum but couldn't find any thread/post related to this.
    Thank you in advance for your help :)

    Всего хорошего,

  2. С любовью - With love
    Из России с любовью - From Russia with love

    Do bear in mind, however, that "with love" is not such a popular closing phrase in Russian letters unless you actually love the person you are writing to.
  3. Kolan Banned

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    If you are woman writing to a man you know very well (and he is expecting such a move from you), then you may try любящая Вас (тебя), but I am sure the community will come up with many other suggestions.:confused:

    My example implies a very definitive, uncompromised feeling.
  4. Nathaloshka Member

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    Thank you both for your replies :)

  5. Crescent

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    Sorry, Kolan, but I'm afraid that I've never in my life heard ''любящая Вас''.. and to be honest, it sounds a little bit strange to me.. :eek: Perhaps I'm missing something.
    It is true what Setwale said, it's rare to sign off in a letter with ''С любовью''. The most common one of this contrsuction is ''С уважением'', but of course, this isn't particulary ''warm'' - in fact, it's quite impersonal and formal. So if you wanted to be a little more ''close'', you would say: Искренне Ваш(а).

    But in your case, when translating ''from Russia with Love'' I think Setwale's suggestion is very good: Из России с любовью. :)
  6. Nathaloshka Member

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    Спасибо Crescent :)
  7. Kolan Banned

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    Well... you could miss "a very definitive, uncompromised feeling", that I mentioned.

    I retried the "Google" method that we used with you recently in a neighboring thread to see, if there is any reasonable example from an independent source'любящая+Вас'&btnG=Поиск+в+Google

    And, yes, there is plenty of them. "Остаюсь, любящий вас"

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