From the proud archer strike his vaunted bow


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The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Iliad of Homer by Homer

(this is Hector's speech. Before this, one adversary attempted to shoot an arrow at him, but the bow broke, which they take as help from Jove)

Jove is with us; I saw his hand, but now,
From the proud archer strike his vaunted bow:
Indulgent Jove! how plain thy favours shine,
When happy nations bear the marks divine!

What is the grammar of the line? Who strikes what and in what sense?
I read it "I saw his [Jove's] hand, but then I saw him strike the vaunted bow from the hands of the proud archer"
Thanks in advance.
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    I suspect that ”but now” means “a moment ago” and so is irrelevant to the syntax. I saw Jove knock the proud archer’s vaingloriously praised bow from the archer’s hand a moment ago.
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