From the world, knowledge

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    First post in the Latin forum!

    The Apollo XIII Motto was "From the moon, knowledge" and I would like to see if anyone can help me with a modification/verification of what "From the world, knowledge" would be

    Ex Mundus, Scientia


    Ex Mundis, Scientia

    Thank you in advance to all!
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    The translation depends on what you mean by "world."

    Do you mean the planet earth?

    Do you mean the sensory world--as opposed to the spiritual realm?

    Do you mean where we live as opposed to heaven or hell?

    Do you mean the realm of nature?

    Our notion of the world is very influenced by the theories of Copernicus.
    People before the modern period did not conceptualize the universe the
    way we do, and their notions often seem quite crazy to us. (Check out
    C.S. Lewis' The Discarded image for a real eye-opener.)
  3. ablativ Senior Member

    If you want to use "mundus", it must be "ex mundo" (ablative after 'ex').

    If you want to use "terra" (as 'pars pro toto' for 'world' and contrary to 'moon'), it must be "ex terra, scientia".

    "ex orbe terrarum (genitive plural)" sounds good to me, too.
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  4. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    Why do you use a comma after 'mundo'?

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