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I would like to know if, to English natives, there are differences between the expression "from time to time" and "sometimes". I've found translations of "from time to time" as "de vez en cuando", for which I always use "sometimes". Do these expressions sound slightly different to you? Or are they perfect synonims?

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  • Tiger137

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    For me, "from time to time" refers to something that happens and is repeated at different intervals.
    From time to time, I like to eat a late breakfast.
    De vez en cuando, me gusta comer el desayuno un poco tarde.

    For me, "sometimes" refers to something that happens by chance.
    While driving on the freeway, sometimes the cars in front of me have stopped due to an accident.
    Cuando estoy en la carretera, algunas veces los carros en frente de mi estan parados por un accidente.
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