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    Hi everybody,

    i'm translating a table from English to Russian. I don't know how to translate these two headers of the columns: FROM and TO. The first column contains the people from which the products come (are designed or produced), the second column contains the people to which the products are directed. I tried with ОТ and К, but I don't like it, because I would prefer to put the words in the columns in the nominative case.

    I don't know if the question is clear. Do you have some better ideas?

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    In Russian no preposition will look well. As minimum, it should be От кого (From whom) and Кому (To whom), but best of all to use nouns, such as: Производитель (Producer) or Продавец (Seller) and Покупатель (Customer) or something like that, depending on what exactly is meant.
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    "Поставщик" - someone from who you have obtained this item.
    "Получатель" - someone who should receive this item.
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    Thanks a lot! Both your answers are ok!

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