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    Hi Folk!

    How do we say 'from top to toe' in Russian? It is an idiomatic expression to explain something that is uniform over the entire body. It can be used in situations like the color of the dress a person wears is the same (she dressed in red from top to toe) or someone is wet from head to foot (he was wet from top to toe).

  2. Paulfromitaly

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    Brescia (Italy)
    Well, from "top to toe" is NOT idiomatic in English.
    Try with "from head to toe"...
  3. rusita preciosa

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    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    From head to toe = с ног до головы.
  4. gargamel80

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    Actually if you search through internet including some online dictionaries with references to real printed ones, you can find different forms including 'from top to toe', 'from head to toe' and 'from tip to toe'. Or you can find it is used in that way by native speakers for different context. I am not a native English speaker but I think those sources on the web are correct enough. Otherwise we need a native speaker who is a specialist of English idioms and expressions.
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    "С ног до головы" is more often used in Russian than "С головы до пят". The last one is about bookish, and the first one is more colloquial. Also we use "С головы до ног" as well as the first.
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    English - the Queen's
    Достаточно заглянуть в словарь WR:

    from top to bottom све́рху до́низу
    from top to toe (BRIT) с головы́ до ног or до пят
    at the top of the list пе́рвый по спи́ску

    (Scroll down the page from top to toe ;).)
  8. willem81 Senior Member

    This usage of from top to toe needs quite a different interpretation in Russian, since it's impossible to say "Пролистать страницу с головы до пят".

    In this context we can say something like пролистать страницу до самого низа / в самый низ.
  9. Maroseika Moderator

    I'm afraid that пролистать страницу also sounds somewhat weird, as листать means to turn the pages over. So typically we say пролистать книгу, журнал or перелистнуть страницу. Maybe nowadays they use sometimes пролистать in the sense of scrolling down when refer to the electronic book readers, but I'm not sure this usage has already become standard.
  10. willem81 Senior Member

    Пролистать веб-страницу - to be exact. What's your suggestion? Прокрутить страницу? To me it's even weirder.
  11. Maroseika Moderator

    Yes, I think so. At least this is in good accordance with the dictionary sense of words пролистать and прокрутить (to scroll).
    However more detailed discussion on this matter will lead as too far away off-topic.
  12. learnerr Senior Member

    Well, as you often say, there is supposed to be a huge difference between what is weird and what is non-standard. ;)
    In web-pages, we have two kinds of page: the document (an article, a book, a conversation) and the screen page (one the word for which is written on top of the keys page down and page up).

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