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  1. nazimou11 Senior Member

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    Hello guys,

    When one starts a sentence like this: " From what I have been learning in life so far, (I deduce) good people are the ones that are honest." Should I add I deduce or reached the conclusion that... or it is fine to leave out. And do these kind of sentences look natural to you (native speakers and fluent people)? Thank you very much for your help :)
  2. Keith Bradford

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    It's OK to leave it out. It's perfectly natural.
  3. Linkway Senior Member

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    It's optional - a matter of style.

    I think the use of "I deduce" or "I have reached the conclusion that" in that context are rather formal and wordy.

    Incidentally, I think "deduce" would not be the right verb for that particular sentence; "infer" might be better.
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  4. nazimou11 Senior Member

    arabic, french
    Thank you so much guys for your answer :)
  5. Parla Senior Member

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    Leave it out, because it's unnecessary. From what you say at the beginning of the sentence, we can tell that it's a conclusion you've reached. (If you MUST add something, then "I conclude that . . . " would be right.)

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