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    Hello, I have a doubt I wish to clear out.

    As i have a couple of doubts on each preposition expressing "from" in russian I am going to list how would be each preposition used and a small sentence. I would love to hear from you any correction about the sentences and on the proper usage of each preposition.

    у + Genitive

    I believe this is used when referring to taking something from someone, but I don't know when the motion thing kicks in exactly.

    For example

    ты у меня весь итальянский язык будешь усвоить.

    от + genitive

    I suppose its used when motion kicks in, But at times I don't happen to understand what is difference with с.

    я брал ручку от(у)? твоего чемодана . On the otherhand I don't understand if there is any motion involved. Does "motion" strictly refer to walking,flying, etc. etc.?
    Although so I'd wonder, why is this sentence supposed to be right?
    Я получила это письмо от кого-то. Where is the motion involved into this?

    с + genitive

    It would be meant to be used for origins, such as

    с какой народа - вы?

    Please only detailed explanations. Thank you in advance.
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    Motion Location "From"
    words using: на на use с
    в в из
    к у от

    This is the general rule I use, so long as you know when to use the other prepositions! This isn't too detailed, but I hope it helps.

    As for motion, it does not solely involve walking, flying, etc. In the sentence "Я получила это письмо от кого-то." there is motion involved, because something is moving from someone to you.
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