front door/next door/


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he is in front door / He is in the front door (someone is standing over the front door)

I am living next door/ I live in next door / I live in the next door
(someone is living in the room next to another`s room)

I work across street(the company working for is located at the place across street)

Am I correctly understanding those sentences? and which one is better than others?

thanks a lot
  • Solbrillante

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    Hi allen1984

    1. He is at the front door.

    2. I am living next door/I live next door. (This could be in the next room, or next house, or the next building)

    3. I work across the street.



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    yeah, I also thought it would at front door

    But I did say in front door at sentence one.:( actually, I dont know why I would say in front door......


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    Your first sentence is not natural-sounding. Even your explanation is confusing. I'm not sure how someone stands "over" the front door. Someone could stand in the front doorway. This means that the door is open and someone has entered and is standing in the doorway. Someone could also be standing at the front door. This is what happens when you approach a door and knock or ring the bell. The door is closed and you stand and wait for someone to answer your knock. This is standing at the front door.

    Only the first of your "next door" sentences is correct. You can say: "I live next door" or "I am living next door" but the other versions are incorrect.

    Your sentence about working opposite your place of employ is almost correct. It should be "I work across the street".
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