front of the line, back of the line


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"where is the back of the line?" (such as line of people waiting at a falafel stand)
"Israelis have a way of jumping to the front of the line"
"to cut the line" "don't cut the line!"

I know line is "tor", nachon?
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    Hi. right, line means תור. However, we don't say "don't cut the line", It would be:
    אל תעקוף את התור and here when you say תור you mean the people who stand in the line. In hebrew you "cut" people when you drive on the road (e.g., did you see it? he cut me! ראית? הוא חתך אותי!). When it is a line like when you buy falafel or in a bank you just עוקף someone else. Also, חתך and עקף are not the same in Hebrew!

    I belive you meant in your first example: איפה סוף התור but we usualy ask מי האחרון (who is the last one?)

    Your title "front of the line" would be התחלת התור or if you want to aske someone you might ask איפה התור מתחיל rather than איפה התחלת התור.

    Your second sentence would probably be: ישראלים תמיד מוצאים את הדרך איך לעקוף את התור or ישראלים תמיד מנסים לעקוף את התור. Please remember that not everyone behave like that! :)


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    The second sentence could be reworded "Israelis have a tendency to..." so I think you could say הישראלים נוטים לעקוף את התור \ לקפוץ להתחלת התור.