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Hello all!!

I am currently translating Thoreau's Walk to Wachussets and i am blocked on the 1st verse of the poem at the beginning:

"Thus we spoke our mind to them, standing on the Concord cliffs:-
With frontier strength
ye stand your ground,
With grand content ye circle round,"

(he is talking about the range of the mountains which Wachussets is part of)

I dont really get the image conveyed by the "With frontier strength" does anyone has a clue and could help understand or find a translation that would fit?
I was wondering if it has anything to do with "the Frontier", a motif currently found in American Literature..?

Thanks in advance!! :)
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    Hello, Glaire! This isn't entirely clear to me, but yes, I'd say he's certainly employing the "Frontier" motif in American literature: the notion that life was hard on the frontier and required great strength. Here he's saying that the mountains also had some of that strength. That's the way I interpret it.


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    aaaaaah!! hummm, it changes everything then... I thought it was essential to keep the image of the "frontier" but it makes more sense this way...
    Thanks Keith, i'll think about it and look for something in this sense too...!
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