Frozen in time and The sea has no fences.

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    Hello guest, and welcome to the WR Forums! It would be easier for us to answer if you could first provide a bit of context for these expressions. :)

    Kelly B

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    Frozen in time means unchanged over a long period: an Amish town, perhaps, where religious beliefs do not permit them to take up the modern conveniences of American life. (They still drive horse-drawn carts and make their furniture with hand tools).

    Sorry, I'm not certain about the second.


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    Hello guest 1010!!

    Since I‘ve never heard the "the sea has no fences" as a coined phrase, I googled it. In the only site I found, the phrase appears under "metaphors". check it out In this case, I don't think that the meaning is too complicated, isn't it?

    saludos :)
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