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Hi, Del Monte calls them "fruit cup snacks" and Dole calls them "fruit bowls". What is the general term for this type of fruit product? Would you just call them "fruit in sealed cups"?

Please see the following examples I created.

1. Excuse me, where can I find <fruit cup snacks / fruit bowls / fruit in sealed cups>? (At a supermarket)
2. Have you ever bought <a fruit cup snack / a fruit bowl / fruit in a sealed cup>? (In a survey)
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    I've never had a name for them, but then I don't eat them. Of your choices, I would use "Where can I find fruit cup snacks – like this one?" (And then show them that photo on my phone.) :D

    Even easier if you take the phone route: "Where can I find these?" And then show them the photo.


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    I think we have mentioned before that the words on packaging are often not the words that are used conversationally.
    I would just call it a fruit cup. "Cup snack" seems very odd to me.
    "Fruit bowl" would make me think of the much larger bowls of cut, fresh fruit that they often have in the produce section.
    I happen to have a two-pack of them in my refrigerator. It just says "Del Monte Fruit and Chia" - no mention of the packaging.
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