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As on the day in the summer of ’92 when Ed had run into the West Side Gardeners truck, he was wearing an old tee-shirt instead of an Oxford or Arrow with buttons up the front and a fruit-loop on the back.
Source: Insomnia by Stephen King

What is fruit-loop mean in this context?

I gloss Oxford and Arrow are iconic man’s dress shirts.

Thank you.
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    Ever Noticed The Small Loop At The Back Of Your Shirt? It’s Not for What You Think It Is
    They served another more commonly known purpose. They were called fruit loops, and teenage girls enjoyed ripping them off boys’ shirts, the more tightly stitched loops sometimes taking a strip of shirt with them.

    Would this be "fruit" as in "gay"? When I was at college, we girls used to make fun of a very handsome Italian guy in our department who affected this kind of shirt. We didn't have a special word for this loop, which at that time looked very "foreign".


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    We called them fruit loops in Illinois* back in the late '60s, and it wasn't just girls who would remove them for you. :D
    Would this be "fruit" as in "gay"?
    I always assumed so.

    * I lived in Michigan originally, and don't recall hearing the term before moving to Illinois in '67.

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    Froot Loops were and are a popular brand of American breakfast cereal. I assume (but can't prove) that this is the origin of "fruit loop" (part of a shirt).


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    This is what a shirt’s fruit loop looks like:

    Oxford says fruit loop is an American term for a mad or crazy person.
    Wikipedia says fruit loops is another name for Gay Pride “freedom rings”.
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