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The second sense is mistranslated. The meaning here is عرقلة أو إعاقة.

The first sentence is also not translated precisely, but this one is tough to translate! Frustration is not the same as anger or fury/rage. It's what you feel when you feel like you're not getting anywhere with something despite lots of effort, or if a problem has persisted stubbornly for a long time, or something like that. It's that feeling of helplessness and anger that can make you want to pull your hair out.

Some examples:

I've tried talking to him three times, and he just won't listen to me. It's frustrating.
I'm frustrated because I've been working on this problem for an hour and I still can't figure it out.
I thought we agreed you were going to stop doing that. I can't believe you just did it again. This is frustrating.
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    Thank you for reporting. For the second sense, the translation will be changed to عرقلة، إعاقة as you mentioned.

    As for the first sense, well, it's really tricky. Respected references unanimously render the word إحباط. Here are two of the definitions provided:

    إحباط: الاستياء عند الفشل في تحقيق هدف ما
    إحباط: حالة نفسية تتميز بتوتر نفسي بسبب عدم تحقق طموحات الشخص نتيجة وجود عوامل خارجية

    The problem is that the rendering "إحباط" doesn't work in every context. I think that the word is not commonly used among speakers. Translators should try to find an Arabic word that reflects the feeling as close as possible. This could be:
    سخط، غضب، تعصيب، توتر، استياء

    In my dialect, I would say in your examples: شي بيعصِّب، شي بيجنِّن، رح جِنّ، شي ما بينحَمَل.

    So for the first meaning, the formal rendering إحباط will be used. Other renderings to be included are: سخط، غضب، تعصيب، توتر، استياء (with note: نتيجة فشل مستمر أو عدم تحقق مسعى). Any additional suggestions are very welcomed.

    Changes will be visible online after our next update, within a few months.